A poetry collection written ‘live’ in Google Docs: www.tutorials.fyi

Exploring ideas of open-source and collaborative creative production, readers were invited to comment on and edit the poems. The poems were created using raw material drawn from YouTube's automated voice-to-text transcription algorithms.

The project was funded by the International Literature Showcase, and presented in discussion with Joanna Walsh in June 2017 at Infinite Undo: towards a ‘digital literature’ at the Writers’ Centre, Norwich. Poems from the project were printed in Hotel Magazine, and are forthcoming in gorse.

Since 2018, American artist GeoVanna Gonzalez has been ‘translating’ poems from the series into artworks and installations. (See artist collaborations.)

[Jackson’s] provocative ILS-commissioned project tutorials upends conventions and assumptions around authorship, readership and publishing: about the possibilities a radical ‘digital literature’, and what the pervasive new technologies it will rely on might present.

– The International Literature Showcase, January 2017.